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A Word From Bill

I have had a lifelong fascination with other cultures.  Having flown more than 2.5 million miles, I thoroughly enjoy interacting with our partners from all over the world.  Generating and implementing new ideas to further the impact of the resources we represent ignites me. I count it an honor and privilege to serve our publishers and partners worldwide. 

West Coast, New Zealand


Bill Schultz brings over 25 years of international sales experience in Christian publishing


  • Vast experience in developing international sales and rights programs for over 30 publishers

  • Experienced sales representation of books, curriculum, teaching resources, and movies

  • Comprehensive rights management experience

  • Strong network of international partnerships, distributors, retailers and publishers

  • Significant cross-cultural business and living experience; language ability

  • Served as Vice President of Sales and International at Gospel Light 

  • Helped Establish and implement ZDL Books China

  • Master of Divinity, Bethel Seminary, BA in Business, Bethel University


Bill has worked with us for many years. until I retired as CEO of Manna Christian Stores in New Zealand in 2017. He promoted a wide range of product from the different publishers he represented to the International market.  Bill was great, knowing both the product that he represented but also was aware of the market in New Zealand and what could work for us here. This was a rare ability where he was genuinely interested in you, the business and how you could maximize sales in your area, while on the other hand seeking to maximize sales for the Publishers he represented.

- Russell Dunn, Former CEO, Manna Christian Stores in 2017

Bill Schultz is a rare professional who combines sincere relational excellence with results that consistently exceed expectations. I've known Bill for seven years and hired him to provide contracted sales for both Gospel Light and David C Cook. His varied background as a Sales Vice President, Owner of Abridge International, Key Account Sales Representative and vast international experience have given him a unique perspective on problem solving and creative ideation. Bill's work is consistently characterized with integrity, innovation, and inspiration. Bill's integrity was demonstrated by clear trustworthy communication and keeping his word. As a result, he built strong trusting relationships with customers and with me. Bill's innovation is impressive. No matter what the challenge, Bill can come up with at least five unique and creative ideas to solve the problem. The biggest challenge in working with Bill is deciding which of his excellent ideas to pursue. Finally, Bill is an inspiring friend. A relentless optimist and encourager that leaves you with a smile on your face after each conversation. I highly recommend my friend Bill Schultz.

- Dave Thornton, Executive Ministry Leader
Bible Brand Director
Tyndale House Publishers

Bill is a gifted leader who helped to propel Gospel Light and Regal Books to greater success. In one of the most challenging leadership roles, Bill always delivered strong results while making the process more enjoyable for everyone involved. Customers love Bill and he knows more about the USA and global marketplace than anyone I know of. Every organization and author would be blessed to have Bill and his team at ABridge representing them.

- Bill Greig III
President at

We have appreciated working with Bill and the entire team of A Bridge International. Bill brings years of publishing and marketing experience to each business relationship. He knows the industry and is able to provide excellent counsel and leadership. As we were just beginning our foray into the commercial publishing market, Bill successfully helped us to navigate the initial marketing steps. He introduced us to the field and he patiently taught us the ropes. We learned much from Bill and the folks at A Bridge International. He is a good man and you will enjoy and profit from your relationship together.

- Bruce Burkholder
General Director at Editorial EBI

I have known Bill for many years as we have been working in the publishing industry in roles that have intersected. He is kind, reliable, visionary, experienced, and skillful. He has many years of experience in Christian Publishing as well as a wealth of travel experience and interaction with foreign publishers, agents and clients. I heartily recommend him to work with. 

- James Elwell
Director of International Publishing at Tyndale House Publishers

Bill has great depth of experience in international sales and marketing; having been in this space for decades and spending some years overseas himself. He knows the market and he knows his customers. Insightful and warm personality - great combination!

- Vicky Chan
Staff at Cru Singapore


  • Professional and experienced representation to bookstores and distributors worldwide

  • Variable cost model

  • Assessment and/or development of total global strategy

  • Consistent and meaningful feedback on accounts and marketplace

  • Rights Management

  • Consulting Services 

  • Overstock and Remaindering strategies

  • Development of "mission-driven" distribution strategies

  • Ideation - We love to offer ideas to help you find new opportunities!

  • Friendship and loyalty - Our goal is to put relationships first

  • Serve our partners professionally under the business of honor

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