Fueled by revenge, Michael sets up a meeting with Clef Robie, the man who murdered his wife and child 6 years ago.


His plans of killing him come to a sudden standstill when two gunmen rob the diner. Michael takes matters into his own hands when he shoots them and holds the entire diner hostage until he kills his target. In the midst of all these events, Michael finds an unlikely ally in Don, a devout Christian who believes God is going to help him in his endeavor. While Michael battles with his faith, the hostages start finding extraordinary connections between them.


CROSSROAD is an emotional and inspiring story of redemption, forgiveness, and the ultimate realization of God's Grace in all of our lives.


Crossroad breaks the mold of Christian film making with a gritty look at the violent realities of vengeance. Awarded the faith-based seal from the Dove Foundation.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; 
In all your ways acknowledge him, And he will make your paths straight." - Proverbs 3:5-6


CROSSROAD is the powerful story of a man who, fueled by revenge, sets up a meeting with the murderer of his wife and child.


The Message: Growth through Adversity


Adversity causes us to develop Christ-like character. For the believer all pain has meaning: all adversity is profitable. One of the many fascinating events in nature is the emergence of the Cecropia moth from its cocoon – an event that occurs only with much struggle on the part of the moth to free itself. The story is frequently told of someone who watched a moth go through this struggle. In an effort to help – and not realizing the necessity of the struggle, the viewer snipped the shell of the cocoon. Soon the moth came out with its wings all crimped and shriveled. But as the person watched, the wings remained weak. The moth, which in a few moments would have stretched those wings to fly, was now doomed to crawling out its brief life in frustration of ever being the beautiful creature God created it to be.


What the person in the story did not realize was that the struggle to emerge from the cocoon was an essential part of developing the muscle system of the moth's body and pushing the body fluids out into the wings to expand them.


The adversities of life are much like the cocoon of the Cecropia moth. God uses them to develop the spiritual "muscle system' of our lives. We can be sure that the development of a beautiful Christ-like character will come out in our lives without adversity.

Fortunately God does not ask us how or when we want to grow. He is the Master Teacher, training His pupils when and how He deems best. He is, in the words of Jesus, the Gardner who prunes the branches of His vineyard. The healthy vine requires both nourishment and pruning. Through the Word of God we are nourished (see Psalm 1:2-3), but through adversity we are pruned. Both the Hebrew and Greek languages express discipline and teaching by the same word. God intends that we grow through the discipline of adversity as well as through instruction from His Word.


There are several things we can do in order to learn from adversity and receive the beneficial effects that God intends. First, we can submit to it – not reluctantly as the defeated general submits to his conqueror, but voluntarily as the patient on the operating table submits to the skilled hand of the surgeon as he wields his knife.

Second, to profit most from adversity, we should bring the Word of God to bear upon the situation. Martin Luther reportedly said, "Were it not for tribulation I should not understand the Scriptures." We might say, then, that the Word of God and adversity have a synergistic effect as God uses both of them together to bring about growth in our lives that neither the Word nor adversity would accomplish by itself.


Third, in order to profit from out adversities we must remember them and the lessons we learned from them. God wants us to remember them, not just as trials or sorrows, but as His disciplines – His means of bringing about growth in our lives. It is helpful to consider some of the specific ends God has in mind when He allows adversity in our lives.





Philip Bulcock as Michael


Philip Bulcock is currently appearing in Red Tails as Lead Bomber Capt
Philip was born in Jericho, Bury but grew up in Rossendale and Poole. He won the Ivy Owen Award for Drama and attended The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. He studied at Mountview Theatre School and subsequently augmented his acting training and studied directing at The Academy of the Science of Acting and Directing - ASAD.
Philip has appeared in stage productions of 'Nine', 'Elvis', 'Return to the Forbidden Planet', 'The Rink', 'Grease', 'Golden Boy', 'Down the Road', 'Of Mice and Men', 'The Merchant of Venice', 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'Jersey Boys', with film credits including, 'The Fireboy', 'Brothers', '28 Weeks Later', 'Red Tails', 'The Real American – Joe McCarthy' and 'The Dark Knight'. Philip starred in 40 episodes of a new drama for Channel Five, 'Hanrahan Investigates' and has also appeared in 'Ocean of Fear', 'Curses and Sermons', 'Blood in the Water' and 'Between Two Rivers' for HBO and the BBC.


Kim Estes as Don


Kim Estes has recently appeared in Guest star and Co-Star roles in The Closer, House, Hawthorne, Dexter, Cold Case, Law and Order-Los Angeles, The Riches, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Saints and Sinners, Shark, General Hospital, The Bold and The Beautiful, Windfall, Commander-In-Chief, & The Unit.
He has appeared in the films Breathing Room (directed by John Suits), Chasing Tchaikovsky (directed by Greg Lalazarian), Save Me (directed by Jennifer Getzinger), Choke, Kick, Girl (directed by Danny Parker), and starred in the films Free Denmark (directed by Ricardo Korda), Each Other (directed by Roger Melvin) and The Birthday Gift (directed by Marie Tang). He recently finished appeared as Vincent in the web-series "Masters of the House" directed by Rachel Rath, and on the LA stages as the Detective Baker in "The Little Flower of East Orange" directed by David Fofi and as the Mayor in "Drunk Talk" directed by Thomas Blake.


Amy Weber as Rita


Amy Weber was born in Peoria, Illinois and was raised in a small town right outside of Peoria called Mapleton. Her family relocated to Ocala, Florida just before her freshman year and in High School she was a varsity track and cross-country athlete as well as a member of her debate team and cheer-leading squad. She was also an active member of the student body. After attending a year of college as a psychology major at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Amy grew restless and decided to quit school to move to Los Angeles, and become an actress. Discovered shortly after she arrived in Southern California, Amy's ability as a model immediately landed her numerous print ads and television commercials including work for the Miller Brewing Company. Wrigley's, Chrysler, 7-UP and Nestea. Amy has shown tremendous versatility in her many on and off screen roles, which comes from her years of hard work and study of her craft. Her easygoing nature and natural ability have led to a number of television roles- including a recurring role on the ABC soap "Port Charles", "CSI", "Seventh Heaven", and "Pacific Blue" as well as "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" and "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. Amy has also acted in a number of films, making appearances with Dylan McDermott, David Spade, Sean Penn, Whoopie Goldberg, Pauly Shore, Adam Corolla and Freddie Prince Jr.


Jasmine Jade as Sparkle


Jasmine Jade was born in Cleveland, Ohio on October 5, 1995. She relocated to Orlando, FL where she began her career at age 7 as a dancer and an actress. In 2008, her family again relocated, but this time to Los Angeles, CA so she could pursue her career as a professional actress. Today Jasmine is signed with Hervey/Grimes Talent Agency. She accepted roles in several movies, television commercials and promos, including appearances in T-Mobile, Nintendo, Universal Dubai, Coca Cola, and The LIV Dolls. Jasmine made her major acting debut in 2010, as the lead in the film "Homecoming" produced by Love Ella Films. Now 15, Jasmine is more determined to learn, grow, and experience the world ahead of her. As she continues to enhance her craft through personal training and performances, Jasmine is looking forward to the challenges of undertaking serious emotional and dramatic roles in the near future.


Bryna Weiss as Kendra


Bryna has appeared in numerous regional theatres including The Kennedy Center, Laguna Playhouse, Buffalo's Studio Arena and The Bickford (Morristown, NJ) - The Rose Tatto (w/ Olympia Dukakis); Other voices, Other room(w/Swoozie Kurtz ; The Price; Crossing Delancey; I Never Sang For My Father, Taming of the Shrew, Morning's at Seven, Moon for the Misbegotten, etc. In LA, Lost Uncles… (w/ Shelley Berman), Cemetery Club and Anastasia Krupnik (Gary Marshall's Falcon Theatre), Blue Silence at Theatre 40 (directed by Steve Tobolowski), The Oldest Profession (Odyssey), in Circus Theatrical's The Birds Sing Too Loud (by Jack Kenney), at Pasadena's Boston Court Theatre in "The Pain and The Itch", and The Beverly Hills Playhouse Production of "The Birthday Present", directed by Tony Award winner, Jonathan Sanger. At The Road Theatre, Bryna appeared in "Cuts" and "As White as O". She appeared in the award-winning one-woman play, LILY, (written for her by Hindy Brooks) in Europe, England, Israel, Australia, Mexico, Hawaii, Canada and all over the U.S. including The Odyssey in LA. Bryna served as Artistic Director at the 124 seat, The Playhouse, which she and her husband, Joe built in Buffalo's Theatre District.


Her feature film credits include supporting roles in Encore of Tony Duran (Elliott Gould), Slums of Beverly Hills (Alan Arkin), Delicatessen Story (Brad Garrett), Ashes, My Dark Lady, Taxi (Queen Latifah), Keeping Up With the Steins (Richard Benjamin, Jeremy Piven), Quality of Life, and Alibi (Joe Estevez). Numerous national commercials and TV guest star roles include Nypd Blue, the Drew Carey Show, Reno 911, The Gilmore Girls, The District, Two of a Kind, Desperate Housewives, House, Kath and Kim, Nip/Tuck.

Larry Marko as Rouben


Bio coming soon. Appeared in 39 movies/TV Series.


Barbara Elisabeth as Robie


Barbara first began demonstrating her "eye" for selecting choice literary projects at age 12 where she was a beloved recurring panelist on highly rated CBS's Kid Critics. Trying her hand in each of the performing arts, she found her way on to the board of Women In Film and collaborated on several PSA campaigns for battered women's awareness. In 1984, Barbara moved with her husband, Paul, to Worms, Germany, while he was in active service with the Army. Barbara was "discovered" on base one day as someone with "producer" quality and quickly ascended a level of positions to become the Director of The Performing Arts Theatre for the U.S. Army's facility there. This was the location for all USO stopovers and military entertainment in the area. Bearing in mind that the U.S. Military is the largest theatre system in the world, tripling London or Broadway.
Barbara became quite confident in her skills as a producer. This experience contributed to her relocation to Los Angeles. Turning her attention from stage to screen, Barbara found herself both acting and producing in Los Angeles. Co-starring television roles on AMC's Mad Men, HBO's Big Love, NBC's ER, CBS's 7th Heaven, Lifetime's Unsolved Mysteries, NBC's The Others, and repeat appearances on The Tonight Show, have quickly given Barbara notice. Her film roles range from appearances in Universal's Red Dragon and The Coen brothers' Intolerable Cruelty, to supporting rolls in films like Cineville's The Affair and Brooklyn Reptile's Boppin At The Glue Factory.

Her film project Doria, which she executive produced and in which she starred, was a winner of the Flickering Image Festival in 2004. Another production of Barbara's is Family, which she co-produced and in which she starred. Just Desserts, a recent project Barbara produced and in which she starred, now has world wide distribution and a TV deal is being negotiated. Barbara continued being in front of the camera with her role as Mrs. Cee in My Homework Ate My Dog and a role in TV series, Asylum, among other projects. Barbara is currently producing the independent romantic comedy feature film, Three Times A Lady.


Benjamin Corns as Addison


Ben Corns is originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He honed is craft as an actor at the Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute in Los Angeles. His recent stage credits include "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," "Summer and Smoke," and "Bury the Dead." You can catch him playing "Slim" in an upcoming production of "Of Mice and Men" at The Missing Piece Theatre in Burbank. As for film, he has appeared in several short and feature length productions, most notably "Dreams Play A Part," which won the viewers choice award for best picture at the most recent Bel Air Film Festival. Commercially he has appeared in numerous regional, national, and international spots for companies such as Hyundai, Ritz Carlton Hotels, and GCU. He is grateful to be a part of "Crossroad."


Matt Jones as Martin


Matt Jones grew up in the Bay Area in California and moved to Los Angeles after graduating top of his class at UC Santa Barbara, earning a BFA in Acting. Shortly after arriving, he landed a gig hosting "National Lampoon's Gamers," a show known for its spot-on video game reviews, killer events, and over-the-top comedy sketches...oh, and its charming Host (Wink). Matt Jones has also appeared in several commercial campaigns such as Coca-Cola, Wendy's and Yahoo! He has starred in numerous independent films, many going on to win top awards at prestigious film festivals. He can currently be seen in a series called "The 515," an up-and-coming web project garnering tremendous buzz.
While not acting, you will find Matt Jones kicking around town with friends at the movies, reading a good book at his favorite coffee shop, or volunteering at his church in the middle school ministry. He is ecstatic to be apart of "Crossroad" and would like to thank Jesus Christ for making all of this possible.

Olivia Dunkley as Brenda

Olivia is so excited to be a part of "Crossroads". She has been fortunate enough to star in other feature films including "Just Like That", and "Match Made in Heaven". Short film credits include "Allegiance" where she plays the assistant to the President, and "The Good News" where she played a woman with breast cancer. She also has several webseries, out (and coming out), including, "Breaking Point", "Super7even", "Mail Pack & Ship"


Tess Hunt as Lauren


Tess Hunt was born in Los Altos, California. Her first passions were writing and making people laugh. She went to UC Santa Cruz and studied literature, left early to live in Paris for a year and study French, and ultimately came to Los Angeles to follow her dreams of writing and acting in comedies as well as some dramas. Her acting coach told her "If you aren't doing what you love, then you're dying." She has been living ever since! Her most recent credits include ACoat of Snow directed by Sundance winner Gordy Hoffman. For Billy the film/ Sundance candidate for 2012/ part of the It Gets Better Project. The Car Show / Speed Network. Clown Dogs from Outer Space :) which begins production in january. The Gig @420 which begins production in August, and The Lost Girls, which I also wrote, and which goes into production early next year!


Nathan Reid as Benjamin


Nathan Reid, an American Musical and Dramatic Academy graduate, has been acting, writing, and producing films for over 10 years. He executive produced and starred in his first film "Old Man Music", starring Geoffrey Lewis and J.A. Preston, in 2005, which won the Gold Metal for Excellence at the Park City Music Festival; as well as various other awards of recognition. In 2008, Nathan created his largest project to date. Prey: The Beginning, a comic book franchise, in which the first issue made the #3 of top ten sales for Independent run comics. The feature adaptation is now being requested by almost every major studio and is repped literarily at Circle of 10 Talent. With numerous television and film credits as an actor as well, Nathan considers himself very fortunate to have worked on the projects he has and loves being an artist.


Eric Chase Dirting as Duffy


Eric was born in Grand Prairie, Texas. He didn't get started in acting until high school, but from the time of his first drama class he was hooked. When he heard about a local acting conservatory holding auditions he figured he would go give it a shot. He got accepted and found himself a student at KD Studio Actors Conservatory located in Dallas, Texas. It was an intense training program that involved Stage Combat, Character Development, Scene Study, Audition Technique, and Voice and Diction classes just to name a few. After graduating he and three other classmates packed up and made the move to Los Angeles.
Eric has appeared in stage productions of 'Rent', 'The Outsiders', 'Grease','The Somewhat True Tales of Robin Hood', 'Fame', 'Round and Round the Garden','Greater Tuna',and 'Lone Star'. His television credits include 'Strong Medicine', '8 Simple Rules', where he was a member of the cast for John Ritter's final episode. Eric also had the pleasure of working on 'Oliver Beene'. His episode was directed by Broken Lizard's Jay Chandrasekhar. It was one of the most exciting moments in Eric's career so far.


Sarah Dale as Anne


Sarah Dale began her theatrical endeavors in Musical Theater, appearing in festivals and competitions nationwide, as a teenager. She studied Acting at Syracuse University, and received her BFA from Miami University in Ohio in Communications, specializing in Marketing and Production. She has since been active in the entertainment industry, both in performance and production, working in every medium from webisode to studio features. She is currently developing two original projects through her company, True North Entertainment, and she will be teaching on-camera acting at a youth camp in Aspen, Colorado in August.


Sean William as Clef Robie


SEAN WILLIAM: Writer, performer, singer songwriter – graduated from Syracuse University with a triple major in Acting, Directing, and English. Had the pleasure of originating the role of Leo in the American premiere of Joe DiPietro's F*CKING MEN at the Celebration Theatre and have since become a company member. Other theater credits include Hank in THE BOYS IN THE BAND, Harold in the LA premiere of K2, Feste in AN APPALACHIAN 12th NIGHT. Some film and TV credits include the lead role Jedediah Smith in the TNT biopic "Taming the Wild West: The Legend of Jedediah Smith," "Water for Elephants," "Miracles," "The Ghost Whisperer", "The TV Set," and in the gaming world, Ellis in LEFT 4 Dead 2.


Brittany Ganiere as Julie


Brittany Ganiere is a shining star in the entertainment industry. Her bubbly personality and hard working nature have landed her several national commercials as well as films and television spots. When she isn't out auditioning, or on set, you can find her practicing her ballet, reading or playing with her younger siblings. Brittany hopes to be come a professional actress when she gets older, or a prima ballerina. Brittany is currently represented by Mavrick Artists Agency.


Robert John Brewer as Officer Townsend


Coming to you from Tarentum, PA via Minot, ND; for several years Brewer believed he was born in a station wagon down by the river. Just one of the many tales told to him as a small child that were never corrected by his family as he got older. There were the typical childhood dreams of wanting to be a cowboy, astronaut, fireman, private detective, or a cranky loading dock worker from Queens. That is until the realization of being the thing that made him want to be those other things is the thing he wanted to be. Brewer is a long time member of the Elephant Theatre Company.



Shervin Youssefian, Writer / Director


Shervin's unique artistic sensibilities have kept him working non-stop since his arrival on the Television scene in 2000. After attending USC and CSUN, Shervin graduated in 2002 with a degree in Film & Cinema Arts. After graduation, he landed key positions at two Advertising Agencies where he was pivotal in the exponential growth of the companies. Shervin then moved to Spot On Media in 2007 due to a need for a solid production presence in Los Angeles.

With over 100 commercial productions, both local and national, Shervin's portfolio includes projects for Nissan, ING, Life Alert, ABC, Coke, Honda and many more. In addition to Television productions, Shervin is also a Hollywood Foreign Press Award winning filmmaker, a playwright and a Sunday School Teacher.


Danny Simonzad, Executive Producer


Danny is an acclaimed and highly sought after television commercial director and producer. His main focus is branding and out of the box commercials that draw attention and make an impact. He has worked on commercials for Coca Cola, ABC's Lost, Nissan and many more.

Graduating from CSUN's school of cinema in 2002, Danny immediately began working as a Producer at Craig Murray Productions on titles such as FINDING NEMO, THE INCREDIBLES, PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN and many more! After 3 years, a new opportunity arose in commercial production and Danny jumped at the chance to work with SPOT ON MEDIA as a producer and director.


David Dginguerian, Executive Producer


When it comes to bringing key elements together to produce a successful feature film, look no further than David Dginguerian whose business savvy and strong faith made him the perfect fit for Crossroad. Born and raised in Los Angeles, the hub of the entertainment industry, David started honing a natural knack for business early on in life building an impressive record of repeated entrepreneurial success. By the age of 35, he already owned a successful record label and one of the Top Restaurants in LA.

After producing several documentaries and hit music videos, David began looking for a feature film project with a strong message that would reflect his belief that with faith, anything is possible. In 2010, when Youssefian and Simonzad drove to his Pasadena office and personally dropped off a copy of the Crossroad script, he knew immediately that this was the "it" project he had been waiting for.

A genuine communicator with a keen eye for detail, David plans on using all of his resources to produce a powerful film that will impact audiences world-wide.


Amy Weber, Executive Producer


Amy Weber has shown tremendous versatility in her many on and off screen roles, which comes from her years of hard work and study of her craft. Her easygoing nature and natural ability have led to a number of television roles- including on hit shows such as "CSI", "Seventh Heaven", and "Pacific Blue" as well as "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" and "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. Amy has also acted in a number of films, making appearances with Dylan McDermott, David Spade, Sean Penn, Whoopie Goldberg, Pauly Shore,


Adam Corolla and Freddie Prince Jr.


Through her company, Amy Weber Productions, she has produced many exciting projects including the Award winning short "The Strangers", a travel show "Spa Adventures" and "In the Cutz", an Entertainment Wrap up show that she hosted as well. Amy also served as Co-Producer of the Foreign Film, "What's the Meaning of Love," which went on to win several awards including "Best Film of the Year." In additional to working on Crossroad, Amy is also the executive producer of "Good Samaritans," a feel-good show (debuting this fall) about helping strangers in need.


Sean Buck, Editing Supervisor


In 2002, Sean became a Trailer Producer for one of the largest trailer houses in the film industry. For three years, Sean worked on some of the most famous ad campaigns in recent years, including trailers for companies like Disney, Paramount, New Line Cinema, MGM, and Dreamworks. Sean then moved on to producing commercials for Xbox, Playstation, Kenpo Fashion, and Monster Energy Drinks.


Sean's recent endeavors in long form producing include the hit TV series My Name Is Earl, as well as feature films for Rob Schneider and several television pilots. Sean has continued to be at the forefront of cutting edge filmmaking, working in 4K with the RED 1 Camera.